Decorating the office is a great way to refresh your environment and help you feel a little more motivated to work. It’s hard to feel productive in a boring, dull office space and it can get you down, but with a few simple changes to office decor, you can transform your workspace. Going to the office will no longer feel like a chore and create a better working environment.

While working from home, it’s important to make sure you’re in an environment you love, which is suited to you and easy to work in. Having an office you hate is just as bad as heading off every day to do a job you hate and will make working so much harder. Bright, cheerful environments can work for some people and get them feeling refreshed and ready to work, while others may prefer calmer, more muted colors in their offices.

Changing and updating the office decor can even make larger offices more interesting by adding pops of color, interesting features, and unique ornaments into the space. Whether you’re moving into a brand new corporate office space, updating your current office decor, or creating an at-home work haven, we’ve got some tips to inspire you. We’ll share some office decoration ideas here that are suitable to use in updating both a home office and a corporate office. These tips are also great if you are looking for inspiration for creating a better space at home to improve your productivity.

Office Decoration Ideas #1: Go Neutral

When it comes to office decoration ideas, we’re inclined to say that less is more. Getting rid of lots of colors can be a great way of creating a calmer workspace, especially for those working at home if you want A space away from your everyday life. Shades of grey, nudes, and cream can all work well together to create a workspace that’s cool and calm, as well as chic and modern. Many people are now trying to steer away from colorful and bright offices, in favor of more simple and toned back themes. Even just changing the wall colors and adding a few ornaments into the mix can make a huge difference to a home office.

Office Decoration Ideas #2: Work With Pastels

If you’re not keen on taking away the color entirely, but don’t want a bright workspace that feels too cluttered, pastels are a great option. They add dimension to a space without making it feel overwhelming and they create a calm atmosphere. You can go for warmer shades like soft yellows and coral tones, or stick with cool shades such as lilacs and blues to create a corresponding color scheme that’s aesthetically pleasing while still muted.

Office Decoration Ideas #3: Be Bright and Colorful

If you’re keen on incorporating more color into your office space, make sure not to overdo it. Sticking with a couple of complementary colors can have a more striking effect than trying to include everything. Sometimes even just a pop of color in a mainly white or black room can be a really effective decoration technique. Different colors can have different effects; blue is calming, red is thought to encourage productivity and increase metabolism, and yellow generate brain activity! Check out this purple office from Monarch airlines, which shows how a different office decor can change the atmosphere even within a standard corporate space. They’ve brightened up a normal office with shades of purple and added an interesting mural that has a calming effect. Accent walls can be a great office decoration idea both in a home office and in a larger one, as they make a change to all-white walls and add a different dimension. Here, the wall reflects a holiday experience – just like those that Monarch Airlines will be organizing, so it’s especially relevant. Purple is also a calming color and is said to represent luxury and ambition, which might encourage employees to be more productive!

Monarch Airlines Purple Decor-min


Office Decoration Ideas #4: Try White for More Space

Like neutral colors, whites are becoming more popular when it comes to decorating rooms as they help create the illusion of having a larger, more airy workspace. The use of lots of colors can make a room feel smaller, which is the opposite of what most people want. In contrast, white walls and furnishings can make a space seem brighter and crisp. This decoration technique is especially useful in a makeshift home office since it can make a smaller room feel less cramped. This home office takes what would otherwise seem a small room, and makes it more spacious and open by changing the office decor and painting it white, adding excitement with just a splash of color.

Office Decoration Ideas #5: Introduce a Houseplant (or two)

A few potted plants are one of the simplest office decoration ideas that can help brighten your office decor and bring a new dimension to any workspace. They’re more than just decoration, however; certain houseplants are also proven to improve the air quality and make breathing easier as they produce significant amounts of oxygen. Plants such as English Ivy, Spider Plants, and Red Edged Dracaena are a great addition to any home office or even a corporate office! A bit of greenery is also good in that the color represents growth and balance, and reconnects us with nature. Just make sure you’re not neglecting them, and don’t overdo it. They do need watering and care and can be a bit messy. One or two is probably enough to update the decor and make your office more exciting, but you don’t want a jungle.

Office Decoration Ideas #6: Get Some Calming Scents

Candles, diffusers, and aroma balls are great ways of getting the office to smell good all through the day. They can also be calming and even help concentration. Lavender oil is known to improve memory, so if you’re practicing for a pitch, it might help you ditch the cards and be more confident! Candles also add a decorative touch to an office, or even electric diffusers that are equipped with different colored lights, that can add an ornamental touch such as this one from Amazon.

Office Decoration Ideas #7: Utilize Prints

One of the office decoration ideas used by even Hollywood celebs shows how using prints can really add vibrance and color to a space. Online stores such as Desenio, Etsy, and NotOnTheHighStreet all showcase a huge range of prints from a very decent price, and in a range of different sizes. Bargains can also be found in small high street stores. A pro tip is to look out for ex-display items from shops that can cost next to nothing and still be in great shape! A range of different sizes and corresponding colors can look good, or stick to all black and white for a really striking effect.

Office Decoration Ideas #8: Incorporate Ornamental Additions

This home decoration tip is super easy in a home office – all it takes is collecting a few cool items from around the house and placing them on the desk or the cabinets, adding a bit of character to the room. In a corporate building, this might be more difficult, depending on how big your room is and how many desks there are – but some feature items might make an impression.

Office Decoration Ideas #9: Let the Light in

The best way of getting a lot of light into a room is by capturing any natural sunlight possible. Sunlight is high in vitamin D and can boost endorphins and mood levels, which leads to better working. It also is less likely to cause headaches that a bright, artificial light might create especially over long periods of time. If you’re creating a home office, think about trying to make use of a loft space and install skylights if possible. This utilizes space that might not otherwise be used while giving a perfect working environment. Bright lighting in an office, especially that mimics daylight, makes employees more awake and increases work ethic. In rooms without a lot of natural light, it’s a great way to make sure things aren’t gloomy and dark. A cool light, such as in this minimalistic office can boost productivity and make working a little easier.

Office Decoration Ideas with Light

Office Decoration Ideas #10: Utilize Your Space

This is not so much a decoration tip, but on the lines of utilizing space, it’s a good idea to rethink an office that might be cluttered or doesn’t use the space that it has as well as possible. Attempting to put too many people in a small space can result in demotivated workers and reduced productivity. Things like sorting through and getting company paperwork which might be irrelevant and not needed, and using smaller desks without the storage space can help in freeing up whole areas to give the impression of a more airy workspace. For a home office, even in small rooms, it’s possible to fit a desk and some storage in without cramping it if it’s done correctly without a lot of clutter. And don’t forget, painting a space white is an invaluable office decoration idea to at least create the illusion of more space!

Office Decoration Ideas #11: Let Your Mission Statement be Seen

Being enthusiastic about your work is always important in any company, and being able to see a slogan or motivational quote that represents your business every day can remind employees what they’re working towards and motivate them. is a company that creates custom decoration walls for companies that are lightweight and can be put up anywhere in an office to update the office decor and serve as an inspirational reminder of the company’s values. Happywallz lets you create custom wall stickers which can be stuck onto an existing wall in the office to create a similar effect if you have free space. It’s a great way to keep up motivation and remind everyone what they’re working for.

Office Decoration Ideas #12: Update your Office Supplies

This might sound like a bit of a weird office decoration idea, but it can work! Color coding office supplies like staplers, files, and pencil holders make you look more organized and is aesthetically pleasing! As we mentioned before, different colors can affect how productive you are, and if you’re not in a position to re-do your whole office, adding a bit of color through smaller means will not go unnoticed and can still be really effective.

Office Decoration Supplies

Office Decoration Ideas #13: Getting the Perfect Home Office

Thinking of creating a new home office space within your house? Home offices can be difficult to get right – especially in family situations or in apartments that don’t have a lot of space. But it’s not always necessary to create a whole room for your office, and all you really need is a desk and some decoration. Here are a few of our favorite ideas about how to get the most out of your space and stay productive!

Office Decoration Ideas #14: Create a Designated Space

The number one most important thing when creating a home office is making sure you have your own space that you’re able to work in. Whatever you do, do not start working from your bed! You won’t be your most productive unless you create a distinction between your relaxing space and your working space. Try and stay away from the TV, and if possible the kitchen – being tempted by making a snack every half hour won’t help your work! You ideally need a space in which you can take calls in a quiet environment and not be interrupted by other people, especially in a busy household. Therefore, if you don’t have a spare room going, it might be necessary to turn your own bedroom into an office during the daytime to get the privacy you need. Having a desk is the minimum – whether you’re able to put it in a real office room or have it at the end of your bed, make sure you’re comfortable and able to work effectively wherever you are. This bedroom manages to fit a desk in the corner of the room to use the space that there is to the full, and has personalized the area around it.

Office Decoration Ideas #15: Utilize an Unused Area

If you’ve got a spare room that isn’t being used – a few simple steps can turn it into your own space! Even if you don’t want to get rid of the bed, you can place a desk at the end and keep it as a spare room for when you need it to be.
Sheds can also be transformed into home offices with a few office decoration initiatives, in fact, this has become so popular over the last few years that they have a designated name now – shoffices. They might not be big, but if all you need is a desk and a computer, they’re perfect, and they can be completely decorated how you want them to be.
Another idea is to use a loft – if it’s not full of Christmas decorations and old toys (and even if it is – maybe this could be an opportunity for a well-needed sort through?). Like we mentioned before, skylights can be installed in lofts to let some natural light in, and they’re usually quiet spaces away from the hustle and bustle of family life.

Office Decoration Ideas on a Budget

Office Decoration Ideas #16: Making Your Home Office on a Budget

Creating a home office space doesn’t have to be expensive at all, and there’s a number of ways you can save yourself money while doing it!

You can make your own prints to hang up, ornaments to put on your desk, and decorate your files to keep your papers organized and looking nice! There are so many great tips and tricks out there to save you time and money, like are featured in this home decor video.

Take on the painting job yourself! You don’t need a decorator to paint your new office for you; it’s a super easy job that takes a bit of time and patience. There are instruction videos around as well, such as this one from UK DIY company Wickes, which goes through the best processes for ensuring an even paint!

Try and use anything you might already have and upcycle it for your office – maybe you have a lamp that doesn’t fit anywhere else in the house? You can recover it to fit your theme and place it on your desk, saving you money!

Don’t just run to IKEA for furniture – there are likely a number of stores around you that will have cheaper desks and cabinets, especially second-hand stores and charity shops often sell items that can be in near perfect condition for less than half the price they would go for a brand new! They’re more unique than chain supplied office furniture as well which can add some character to your office!

Updating your office can help you and other employees be more motivated and productive in their work. Happier employees will produce better work and are more willing to spend more time in the office, so it’s always important to think about how your office decor could do with a change.