What is Company Swag?

Company swag is another phrase used to describe merchandise branded by your company, swag just makes it seem cooler! These can help promote your company and ensure that employees feel included as part of the team. It is important to design and create your company swag so that they are useful and functional to your staff.

Generic swag items and gifts that aren’t applicable shows that you don’t know your employees well, so make sure that you carefully think about what products to have.

Listed here are 20 company swag ideas that will hopefully get you thinking about what to offer your employees and what you could promote.

Swag Bag Ideas for Businesses

Water Bottles

Customized bottles are becoming increasingly popular with employees. It is easy to have on your desk, and employees will get a lot of use out of it every day, therefore making it a staple product to have. Pick colors that match your branding and logo, so that it is on-trend and corresponds to the company’s vibe. There are so many different types of bottles these days, so having multiple styles would cater to everyone.

A sports-style bottle can come in really handy – employees can get use from it outside of the workplace, and they are easy to carry around so are definitely one to consider. Flasks are also a really good type of bottle to have. They keep drinks warm and cold for whatever weather, meaning employees will get a lot of good use out of it. 

Tech Accessories

This is a very broad term and includes a lot of possible items for you to use as swag ideas. Products such as car clips or mouse pads are useful things to have and are helpful to all your employees. Especially if your company involves staff working in offices, having accessories that aid them with working on a computer every day will be extremely beneficial.

This also goes back to the point earlier with it being suitable and personal to your employees – items that can take off extra costs for them, or can help them in the workplace are a good way to start implementing company swag.

Other items to think about can be RFID cardholders and company Bluetooth headsets for when employees are traveling.  

Tech Swag Ideas


Eco-Friendly Products

Everyone likes doing their bit to help the environment, so implementing swag ideas that are sustainable and eco-friendly would be a really good way to get in your employee’s good books. By doing this, it helps you to reduce any waste or unwanted materials such as plastic, and also makes your staff feel as if they are helping too.

There are so many different eco-friendly products available, but make sure you keep costs and product appropriateness in mind. Don’t bring in items that are eco-friendly but not useful, it will be a waste of time and money. Some swag ideas that would be good to have, include reusable and recyclable bottles, tote bags made from recycled materials, and recycled office supplies such as notebooks.

You can find wholesalers online that sell these and brand them, so keep an eye out. These kinds of items can be a bit pricey but are definitely worth it.  

Lunch Bags and Boxes

This is a good swag product for employees to have, as it makes it easier for them to bring in their lunch from home. It also encourages them to bring food in instead of buying it each day – this can save them a lot of money, so I would recommend implementing this item for their convenience.

Customized lunch bags and boxes are easy to transport and bring with them – it helps them to schedule their mornings a bit more and is something that they will for sure make use of. However, if every employee is bringing in the same branded lunch box every day, it can get confusing and people may mistake one thinking it is theirs.

To overcome this, you could either design it so there is a small label for employees to write their names or alternatively, just have them put a sticker on and do the same.  

Self Care Items

Company swag ideas that promote and cater to employees’ self-care is a way of adding a personal touch to the products you are implementing. These are often items that staff can just keep at their desk, or bring home if wanted. Items like this are surprisingly looked over but can be super beneficial. It also shows that you care about their well-being, their hygiene, and their overall selves. It makes your staff feel needed and looked after – knowing that their boss is supplying them with swag products that are gainful for them, it ensures their comfort in working for you.

Products such as hand sanitizers, nail clippers, tweezers, and dental floss could be a small and cost-effective way to promote personal care. Additionally, you could have these swag items, and provide them in a swag pouch, branded with your company on it. This keeps all the items together and is easy for your employees to store and also take around with them. 

Self Care Wellness Swag


All Kinds of Card Games

This is a good way to suggest having a games night with your staff. It brings together every individual and allows a relaxed and fun atmosphere to be enjoyed by all. Everyone knows a card game or two, so this is a great suggestion to ensure all employees are involved and have fun. Not only this, but they can take their deck of cards home too, and use them with friends or family, meaning they have multi-use.

This is not a necessity to have in the office, but it is a nice little touch and suggests having fun. Branding a normal deck of playing cards is a good swag idea, but if you wanted to be a little more adventurous, you could have your own company UNO playing cards, or even board games.

This company swag idea is just a bit of fun that could be really appreciated by your employees.  

Stationery Items

This is probably the first product that comes to mind when thinking of company swag ideas. It is a cheap and resourceful way to promote your company. Every employee uses notebooks and paper for everything, so by handing out a branded book to everyone, you know that these will definitely get used.

Additionally, this also looks professional when working out and about, or in meetings with other companies or brands. It shows unity and fellowship while also adding a bit of disguised brand enhancement. It also helps represent your company – having a smart-looking swag notebook can really promote and sell your business to onlookers.

As this is a very popular swag idea, you can often find online sellers that can design and brand notebooks and paper in a cheap and cost-effective way. These items are handy to have and employees do not need to go out and buy these products themselves as they are already supplied, meaning they’ll feel good about saving some money too. 

Swag Stationery



Decorating their laptops with stickers makes employees feel that their workspace is more personalized. So having company swag stickers can be beneficial to this matter. It shows the creativity in each individual and encourages them to be themselves and be inventive.

These stickers do not need to be generic with just your logo (although these are handy to have), instead try something more adventurous, like having a quirky design or cartoon on them too. Additionally, you could have a variety of different stickers and hand out a ‘sticker pack’ to all employees so that they always have some.

Using these to lightly decorate their office or working area can make them feel empowered and in control of their own space, therefore it would be a great idea to consider having these.  

T-Shirts and Sweatshirts

Outfits are another popular and classic company swag idea. These are both useful and convenient items to have anyway, so you might as well personalize them with your brand. Employees have full reign of how they utilize these items, and generally are handy to keep with them.

The quality of the products is important here, they should be made from soft fabric that also lasts, which shows you care about quality over quantity.  T-shirts will get a lot of use in employees’ spare time but having swag sweatshirts and hoodies is another nice little touch to add and shows you are thinking about all possible situations.

As these are branded, employees can wear sweatshirts during office hours too if the weather is cold. Allow them to keep this at their desk or locker too, so that they don’t have to carry this back and forth to work every single day. 

Winter Swag Ideas

Winter is dark and dreary. Most employees feel bad dragging themselves to the office and some cozy winter swag can help them. Supplying them with swag products suitable for winter allows them to know that you value them and want to provide them with useful items that they will actually benefit from.

Make sure you look into gloves, scarves, and umbrellas – these are all items that are going to be really helpful and worthwhile for your staff. This is another swag idea that means they will not have to go out and buy these products themselves, therefore meaning they’ll feel happy that such useful items are being given to them for free.

Keep company umbrellas in the office too, this will ensure that your employees are covered even if they pop outside on their lunch break. 

Winter Swag Ideas



Hats are another great option that is cost-effective. There is also such a big variety of different hats that you can personalize and give to your employees, so both parties have options here. It would also be a good idea to have different styles of hat, such as cap and beanie, to cater for all situations and seasons. Yet again, this shows that you are thinking of them and the ways that you can make a little difference. You can use these if you take your staff on day trips or something of that sort, it engages your staff as a community and keeps everyone together. It would also be handy to keep these within the workplace too so that everybody has access to them no matter the weather.  

Sweet Treats

A lot of companies do this, and it involves branding your own tins or packets of sweets and/or mints. This swag idea is a small and nice way to showcase your brand but also keeping everyone happy at the same time. Nobody says no to sweets – all your employees would love this idea.

Allow your staff to keep a tin or two of the swag sweets or mints at their desk, it will definitely help them get through the day, as well as boosting their endorphins as they have been given something that many people would deem a luxury item.

You could have a variety of different sweet tins too so that everyone is incorporated and is able to enjoy this company swag product. They are also quite handy to keep in the car when traveling, or putting them in a bag. 

Desk Accessories

These are definitely up there with the company swag ideas that are the most useful and most beneficial to your employees (and you!). Working at a desk all day would for sure be improved with some company swag. Objects like pens, pencils, sticky notes, and paper clips could all be rebranded with your logo on, to make it seem more personal.

This invites the feeling of respectability and appreciation amongst your employees, ensuring that they are part of a team and a company that values them. Yet again, these items can be used within working hours, so they would really be of good use.

These swag ideas would also most likely be used by you too and are easy to get a hold of.  


This is a swag idea that may go unnoticed or unthought of but can be really funky and unique. It also gives your employees a sense of company pride and can make a big impression on them and those around them. Shoes can also be expensive to buy, so if your staff is being given customized shoes for free, this will absolutely go down a treat.

In a long-term manner, company shoes help to encourage gratitude, as these will be worn and used a lot. They could be as subtle or as outgoing as you desire, but make sure you design them so that they are not completely unwearable – they’ll never forgive you!

Also, ensure that they are of good quality too, there is nothing worse than a brand-new pair of shoes that break a week into wearing them! This can seem a little far-fetched however it would be a really funky idea to implement. 

Custom Sneaker Swag



There is a range of different chargers on the market, for all types of gadgets and gizmos, so implementing company swag chargers shows you are willing to cater and adapt to every one of your employees. To ensure convenience, designing and executing portable chargers would be a great idea.

Employees would really appreciate this as they are able to take this everywhere with them no matter if it’s work-related or not, and often these are quite expensive to purchase, so you are also helping them out with this too.

Wall chargers and wireless chargers are more complex but would be great in ensuring employee engagement and team-building – if all of your employees have a charger that works with their mobile phone or gadget, then they would feel included and benefit from this company swag idea greatly.  


Having company swag bags for any occasion is something that would be so useful for your employees. Drawstring, shoulder, tote, and laptop bags are just a few of the many bags that you could incorporate into your workspace for your staff. These are helpful to have, especially laptop and tote bags, as they are handy to keep all work-related belongings in.

It also allows easy transportation of these items to and from the office, meaning it is a swag idea that would be utilized greatly by everyone that works for you. This is another cost that employees do not need to worry about, meaning they would get good use out of a company bag. It is also a good way of promoting your company at a corporate event too.  

Mugs and Cups

Everyone has at least 2 cups of tea or coffee per day, so why not seize this opportunity to have company mugs in your office kitchen space? Not only is having company mugs a good way to promote your business but they are guaranteed to be used by the owner! It helps get your brand across and can be used at work but also at home by your employees, therefore pushing your company’s name further afield.

This can also be deemed a small gift on your part, that you know will be appreciated. Additionally, you could have branded cups and glasses for other drinks such as water and juice, to make the most of this department. Again, these would also be used wisely in the office but at home too by either employees or clients.  

USB Drives

USB Drives are still widely used to store information and files and are used by so many people. Having your own company-branded USB Drives are so practical to have. This may also work in your employees’ favor, for example, if they accidentally lose their USB Drive and it has your company’s logo and name on it, the finder’s instinct would be to send it over to you.

You could also have different storage amounts on the USB Drives, so employees can store as much data on them as they require. These are also usually small, convenient, and portable so they are easy to keep with them or leave at the office.

Another add-on would be to have detachable lanyards with these so that they do not get lost easily.  

Reusable Straws

Linking back to the eco-friendly swag ideas, this is another feature that would be great for your employees but also great for the environment. Metal straws have become increasingly popular in recent years, instead of the use of plastic straws. Metal straws are reusable, come in packs and with a cleaning pipe tool. These have many uses so employees will benefit from them but will also feel great that they are helping the environment and being eco-friendly too. Branding will add more value and meaning to them as well.

Planners and Desk Planners

These are an absolute must-have for in the office anyway, so branding them with your company logo and small print would be a great way to incorporate your employees into the business more. Not only does this help to promote the organization at work, but it also ensures that your staff is encouraged to take notes and write down any details or information required.

Having a desk planner can also prove to be resourceful, they are easy to manage and help individuals to look at each day and what they are enforced to complete. Each page could be embossed with the same logo print and the company’s name on the outer back of the planner or desk planner.  

Go Forth, and Slay the Swag Ideas Dragon!

So, there you go, 20 Company swag ideas to help you incorporate your brand into your workplace and office. These can all be used and sent to clients too, they have the same effect on them as well!

Be sure to look into the classic swag ideas as somewhere to start then work your way through the others, and make sure they are applicable to you and your company.