Podcasts are becoming an increasingly popular platform to showcase information and ideas in a more direct and convenient way. They are recorded through a microphone set up, edited, and then uploaded onto different platforms.

Podcasts can be about any topic or subject, can be as long or short as required, and can be recorded by anyone. Linked here is a list of example podcasts to listen to, which proves how simple yet effective they can be for people’s routines. Unlike a video or written document, podcasts are very easy to play and listen to when completing any tasks, such as commuting, doing chores, and even before bedtime.

There is also a range of different platforms that you can find podcasts on, so they are easily accessible to pretty much anyone. The most popular platforms to listen to podcasts on are Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

The Steady Rise of Podcasts by Statista

This graph from Statista shows the increase in popularity of podcasts in recent times.

In this article, we outline 15 different podcasts that are the best for Human Resources, discussing each one individually and why it is important to listen to them.

HR Podcast #1: My HR Future – David Green

As well as hosting a blog about Human Resources, David Green also creates podcasts on the topic for digital readers and learners. Within the podcasts, interviews a number of different HR leaders, discussing how they are implementing and pushing their human resources agendas. They speak about how and why they are aiming to improve HR in their organizations and how this helps them and their staff atmosphere in the future. These podcasts help to put together and teach you a range of skills required for successful HR agendas.

Episodes such as “How to Help People Love What They Do At Work”, which is an interview with Dan Cable, will definitely give listeners a positive outlook on the topic and make organizations realize the importance of having suitable HR environments within the workplace.

This podcast is available on 6 different platforms, including the most popular ones (Spotify, Apple Podcasts), so it is easily accessible. 

HR Podcast #2: 21st Century HR – Lars Schmidt 

This podcast is hosted by the Amplify founder, who also helps with the brand Fast Company. His range of podcast episodes is based around HR, aiming to create more successful businesses in this area of topic. He has over 20 years of experience in this field, so is very insightful in this and his words will be of great use to listeners.

Schmidt advises strategies and approaches for organizations to use and implement in their own companies, providing modern and expert ideologies so that businesses can really benefit from his guidance. He hosts a range of guests specialized in HR and each podcast focuses on something different so that listeners are knowledgeable in all areas. 21st Century HR currently has 3 seasons, making up a total of 68 episodes, so there is a lot of listening to do. 

As this is readily accessible to the target audience, it will be simple to have on in the background. 

HR Podcast #3: HR Happy Hour – Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane 

This podcast was first introduced back in 2009 and is hosted by Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane, focusing on HR, management skills, leadership, and workforce tech. They discuss different issues and debates around these topics in their podcast episodes, helping to give a more personal and informal way of learning for those who may benefit from this approach.

Both of the hosts have an array of knowledge in the field of HR and have a lot of helpful tips for improving human resources agendas in businesses. Not only this, but they have also developed and altered their advice throughout the years to ensure they are giving modern and up-to-date advisory to their audience.

They occasionally have guests on the podcast to help give their expertise on HR ensuring that listeners are given as much helpful information as possible.

As well as on their website, HR Happy Hour is available on these 6 platforms. 

HR Podcast #4: #WorkTrends – Meghan M. Biro

Hosted by Meghan M. Biro, this is an interactive podcast that will help you to stay up to date with all the news and updates surrounding human resources, as well as learning from leaders and experts in the field. Listeners are encouraged to get involved in the conversations discussed in the episodes, by joining in the host’s Twitter chat with other users to maximize interactions with others who may need the same advice or information as them.

This podcast covers all aspects of the workplace, so there will always be an episode that will suit and meet the listener’s needs. One episode which is particularly helpful is episode number 84: “Empowering HR and the Hiring Process”, outlining the importance of enforcing successful and meaningful HR agendas, as well as discussing how significant it is to have HR employees who are knowledgeable in the field.

iTunes and Stitcher are the only two platforms that this podcast is available, however, you can listen to all previous episodes on their website.    

HR Podcast #5: The Way We Lead – Gaby and Jenelle 

This podcast is more focused on leadership as said by this article, and all aspects surrounding the importance of what it means to have good leadership in a company. It discusses leadership stories from people of all industries, so there is definitely advice and information relatable to everyone and every company. Gaby and Jenelle really go into depth in sub-topics like identity and power, as well as diversity in the workplace. This is another more informal podcast out of them all, but again, it gives it a more personal and relaxed touch, ensuring listeners are fully involved in each episode.

With 1 season and 10 episodes so far, it is one of the shorter lists of podcasts to listen to, so it is easy to run through. Episode 4 focuses on inclusivity in the workplace, and this is definitely one of the most helpful episodes to listen to, to extend the audience’s appreciation for togetherness within a business.

This podcast is available on 6 platforms, so can easily be found.  

HR Podcasts on Diversity and Integration

HR Podcast #6: CIPD – CIPD 

Hosted by the CIPD collective, the “professional body for HR and people development”, this podcast helps give a voice to the community of HR professionals and those seeking more advice on how to be successful in this area.

Over the years in which the podcast has been live, so many people have become involved in offering either their help or their own HR issues as a basis for each episode. CIPD is very good for those who need extra guidance surrounding HR policies, agendas, and practices that should take place within the workplace.

A majority of episodes are around 30 minutes long, which is a sufficient amount of time to provide useful tips and information on HR but not too long where it is challenging to finish each one. An episode that is particularly helpful is Episode 148: Evidence-Based Practice for HR, which entails how you can make better and more informed decisions with a successful impact.

This podcast is available on their website and is also available to listen to on Apple Podcasts and SoundCloud.    

HR Podcast #7: HR Break Room – Chelsea Justice and Caleb Masters

Created by the company PayCom, HR Break Room is hosted by Chelsea Justice and Caleb Masters.

The idea of this particular style of this podcast is to give the audience a more relaxed sense as if you were having a casual conversation in the break room at work. This helps to ensure that listeners feel less like they are working or learning and more so that they are partaking in a conversation between friends. This helps to open up their ability to take in more information on the topic and not really feel as if they are compelled to listen.

The podcast is focused primarily on engaging listeners in becoming more confident and successful in implementing HR into their company as well as encouraging them to appreciate their employees and business, highlighting that this is a good place to start.

HR Break Room is available to listen to on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, Libsyn, and PodBean. 

HR Podcast #8: DriveThru HR – Robin Schooling and Mike Van Dervort

With every episode being 30 minutes long, this podcast discusses a wide variety of topics that are directed towards HR professionals. Each episode has a guest who provides their own personal advice and knowledge in the field of Human Resources, with both the hosts and guests covering topics such as Recruitment, Leadership, and Strategic HR.

Deemed “easy to digest”, DriveThru HR has been running consecutively since 2010, so has a great number of episodes to listen to. Adding on from this, you will therefore know that the information presented in newer episodes will be up to date and more accurate and the advice given will have developed over the past 10 years of its existence as times have changed.

An episode that is beneficial is “The Math of Leadership” by Terry Dunn, who is an expert in building better leaders. This episode will follow steps, possible paths of direction, and advice for encouraging a more structured and successful leadership level within a company. 

HR Podcast #9: HR Heroes – Jonathan Richards 

Hosted by Jonathon Richards, this podcast focuses on team management and how companies can improve their approach to managing their staff. Richards helps to share the voice of small businesses who are a great example of showing the importance of their employees and how significant they are to their companies.

An array of different guests discuss their management stories, so listeners will definitely be able to relate in one way or another. Held together by the company Breathe, this podcast is a great place to start for those who are new to HR or are seeking somewhere to begin their HR restructuring journey.

One episode which would be great to start things off is Episode 4 – “Building a Pro-Employee Culture” featuring Wendy Read who has helped develop her company to have a workplace culture that is pro-employee. Her advice is very useful and can be implemented into so many people’s businesses.

This podcast is available on 11 platforms, including the most popular ones such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

HR Podcast #10: HR Studio Podcast – A.J. Connor Associates 

This podcast has been created to help boost the process of finding and training new HR leaders, through supplying listeners with content that is designed to “educate, inform and build skills” according to their website.

Episodes host guests who are specialists in the field of Human Resources and can provide information that is key to holding a successful HR agenda in your company. The podcast has been aired for 4 years and during this time, A.J. Connor Associates have been able to build up a bank of impressive and useful material that can be taught to those who listen. The episodes can range between 15 to 30 minutes so are a really great way to learn more about the topic but complete it in a timeframe that is feasible.

In terms of accessibility, this podcast is available on the most popular platforms, as well as on their website too where it is advised to sign up to email notifications so that listeners don’t miss an upload from them.

HR Podcast #11: Nine to Thrive HR – Alan Mellish

Hosted by Alan Mellish, this podcast focuses on giving advice and information to listeners who do not have much time to spare. With episodes being around 15 minutes long, this ‘bitesize’ podcast is definitely suitable for those who are interested in the topic of HR development but can only offer small parts of their time to the subject. Mellish covers topics like HR analytics and strategies for successful HR in businesses, with the help of special guests who are experts in Human Resources.

These HR practitioners will help give listeners useful insights into this field, ensuring that they are providing effective and practical knowledge to their audience. An episode that hosts 18 minutes of detailed and appropriate information is “Helping HR Lead Change”.

Mellish is joined by Bill Craib, a Senior Faculty member at HCI to discuss the importance of HR professionals having a successful strategy to influence and help lead their companies in the right direction.  

HR Podcast #12: The CultureING Podcast – Tynan Allan

This podcast has been created primarily to aid listeners in “learning to build thriving workplace cultures”. Hosted by Tynan Allan, he looks specifically at the organization within HR and the cultures that can be created when this works successfully. He invites specialists from well-known companies to discuss the importance of healthy cultures within a business setting, with every episode focusing on a different topic related to the subject of HR.

Allan has a real passion for the topic and this definitely comes through in each episode, so there is a lot to learn from him as well as the guests, meaning listeners will gain a lot of insightful information from this podcast. Guests have included professionals from leading companies such as Glacier, Thane Marcus, and Cascade Influencers, giving a different view to many of the topics from different company perspectives.

It is available to listen to on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, and Stitcher, so is easily accessible to anyone who wants to listen.

Short HR Podcast

HR Podcast #13: Employment Law Matters – Daniel Barnett

Employment law barrister Daniel Barnett hosts this podcast which focuses mostly on legal advice in HR, so is perfect for those who need help on this or are simply looking to improve the way they handle the legal side of HR. He approaches this by covering a range of different topics within the subject area, providing guidance in a practical way. More recently, he has covered changes in HR in companies due to the pandemic, helping give listeners advice that is useful in the current situation.

Episode timings range for this podcast, within anywhere between 7-30 minutes being the usual so you can easily listen to this on the go and in any spare time that you have. With 64 episodes, there is definitely one that will meet any needs on this matter and can be of great use if this is an area that you particularly need improvement on.

This podcast is available on the main podcast platforms, as well as on their website too. 

HR Podcast #14: HR unConfidential – Turiya Gray and Gina Flaig 

This fortnightly podcast hosted by Turiya Gray and Gina Flaig gives listeners a “behind the scenes look” into HR and the tips and tricks straight from the workplace recommended by professionals. This podcast is deemed unfiltered, as the two hosts share their views and stories on their personal experiences in HR, giving advice on topics that really matter to practitioners.

This podcast is perfect for individuals who are in need of improving their Human Resources strategies or are just starting out in the world of HR, as Gray and Flaig steer away from using the jargon surrounding the subject. Together, they have over 30 years of experience in HR, so are definitely experts when it comes to this and provides some really useful information.

A great episode to start with is “So You Want To Be In HR?!”, linked here, which is useful for HR representatives who need to improve their company’s Human Resources agenda.

This podcast is available on SoundCloud only. 

HR Podcast #15: Humans of HR – Michelle Farrar-Eagles and David Guazzarotto

Humans of HR is a very in-depth and detailed podcast, covering every single aspect of HR that you can think of. The hosts discuss topics that are relevant to those who are HR professionals and ones that their listeners will actually find beneficial. Example topics of conversation include HR Tech, Diversity and Inclusion, and Talent Management, all backed up by informative guests who specialize in the theme of the particular episode.

The hosts are lively and passionate about the topic, so their podcast is very thorough and you are guaranteed to have learned something valuable. “An existential moment for HR…why do we need HR?” is definitely a recommended episode, to begin with, helping listeners to understand the importance of HR and the reasons why it is expected to have an exceptional HR agenda and strategy implemented into their company.

This podcast is available on 9 different platforms so anyone can find it.