Zoom is a video-conferencing application used to help businesses bring teams together through a reliable cloud platform that offers voice, content sharing, and video options. It’s accessible through room systems, mobiles, and desktops making it easier to get connected from anywhere to any audience. People wonder the reasons behind the rise in Zoom when compared to other video conferencing applications. 

The spread of coronavirus has made it difficult to work from offices and applications like Zoom have been put on a pedestal, seen as the primary alternative to staying connected while working from home with your audience. However, Zoom has become popular because of the lack of required passwords to join calls, it’s a free-to-use service and technically more preferred compared to Google Hangouts. The only downside of Zoom is the limited sessions of 40 minutes between 2 or more for free members. This still helps to keep the audience amused, with the help of using some of these amazing backgrounds.

While Zoom has become popular, it’s made it easy to get bored from it after being in meeting to meeting on a regular basis. This can make anyone’s audience lose some motivation to work and keep interested, therefore it’s important that your audience doesn’t fall into a boredom trap.

This article will express why a normal background may not be good enough anymore, a list of the best zoom backgrounds available, and how you can start using them today to keep your audience interested.

Why is a Normal Background not Good Enough?

A background of your bedroom or office space is fine but it can be a bit boring for your friends and family, especially with a short attention span. Having an epic background can really change people’s perception of you by feeling more comfortable. It’s tough interacting with people through a screen, especially when giving an hour-long lecture/meeting. To keep things entertained, these backgrounds below can provide your colleagues with a bit of laughter and get them interested in what you have to say. Remember that we are constantly being bombarded with distractions from computers to phones to sounds, therefore it’s important for your message to register with your audience and the use of creative zoom backgrounds can help.

If you’re new to Zoom, click here to help show you how to change your zoom background.

Top 5 Zoom Backgrounds

Hollywood Background

We’ve all dreamed about being in the Oscars and on the red carpet right? Well, you can now make it a reality by downloading some of these great backgrounds that will really make you STAND OUT from the crowd. This is bound to keep your audience interested in what you have to say.

Oscars Background

Oscars Zoom Background


Red Carpet Background

Red Carpet Zoom Background

Grammy Awards Background

Grammy Awards Zoom Background

These backgrounds are the best if you want to seem like a Hollywood star in your zoom calls.

Nature Backgrounds

It’s nice to go for a walk once in a while and see the world. I know a lot of you love to travel and you can easily adjust your background to seem like you’re on holiday with some of these awesome backgrounds below. 

Beachy Background

Nature Zoom Backgrounds-min

Forest Background

Forest Zoom Background

Mount Fuji Background

Mount Fuji Zoom Background

Snowy Terrains Background

Snowy Terrains Zoom Background

Give nature a try with some of these backgrounds, each showing a different biome from the world to keep your audience amused.

Wonders of the World Background

There are so many beautiful sculptures across the world so why not put one as your background in a zoom meeting. There’re many different wonders with their own beauty but here are some of our favorites that your audience will enjoy.

Machu Picchu Background

Machu Picchu Zoom Backgrounds-min

Great Wall of China Background

Great Wall of China Zoom-min

Late Night Tokyo

If you’ve ever been to Tokyo, you’ll understand that its nightlife is like no other, with dazzling city lights, it’s an amazing place to visit at night. Not many places around the world are like Tokyo so check some of these backgrounds to set as your new Zoom background for your audience to watch you present in the high streets of Tokyo.

Tokyo Street Background

Tokyo Street Background-min

Tokyo Tower Background

Tokyo Tower Background

Meme Backgrounds

We all love laughing at memes so why not set the background as one. Some of these silly backgrounds will have your audience laughing and interested in what you have to say. Give some of these hilarious backgrounds a shot.

This is Fine Background

This is Fine Meme Background for Zoom-min

Will Smith Background

Will Smith Zoom Background-min

The Office Background

The Office Zoom Background-min


There are a variety of backgrounds for you to choose from so experiment with all of these and see which you look best in. It was difficult to list only 5 different types of backgrounds so here are some honorable backgrounds below for you to check out with your audience.

Bottom Line on Zoom Background Images

Experiment with each of these backgrounds and decide which you think are the best. There is a list of potential backgrounds for your next Zoom meeting so make sure to have fun using all of these whether it’s with friends, family, or co-workers. You’re bound to grab the audience’s attention with these backgrounds. You can also check out Zooms video here on their virtual backgrounds that you can set up today.