See how Harmonize prepares your organisation for the future

Collaboration is at Harmonize's core. It runs on Slack, Google Chat and Microsoft Teams and
lets your people achieve more by doing less.


Crafted to make mundane tasks seamless and fun

Employee Info

Customise your employees' profiles to
create an efficient and fun team directory

Employee Info
Time tracking and Absence Management
Time, Attendance and Shifts

Send simple messages to
@attendancebot to apply for pto and time
off, working remotely, clock in/out and
generate timesheets and lookup your
upcoming shifts.

Engagement & Feedback

Run pulse surveys, encourage peer
recognition and create a psychologically
safe environment for your team.


Automate and standardize your new
employee onboarding process by assigning
new members of tasks to be completed.

Internal knowledge base and helpdesk

Need a snack in pantry? Want to book a flight?
Want to know what's the wifi password or
where to find your paystub? Simply chat
with @officeamp and get stuff done.

office management
Expense Management
Expense reports, bills and receipts

Send your bills and receipts to @expensetron
to file your expenses and get them approved
in real time. Never miss a receipt and extract
automatically generated expense reports in

Here’s why customers love us:

Summon anytime,

Get work done on the go

We go where your work goes. Get work done even when you’re on the move and across web and mobile.

World class
customer support

World class customer support

We succeed if you do. Our secret sauce is our stellar customer support. We provide live chat (with a human :) ) and free email support across all plans.

Simple and
transparent pricing

Slack bot pricing

We have simple, fixed, predictable, all-inclusive pricing. No hidden costs. No surprises.

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