All businesses can benefit from creating a positive work culture that encourages your team to feel committed and engaged in the workplace. This is possible using Slack, which other similar platforms fail to present. This article will express how Slack can be used to create a positive work culture and the benefits of this.

What is Slack?

Slack is a channel-based messaging platform used mainly for people to communicate on ongoing projects, helping to address and find information more effectively. This is through a coordinated channel among your teammates to organize around a common goal. Slack can also be used as an external form of communication among partners and vendors to your business. While Slack is still new, it is supported by a range of enterprises including GSK, PwC, and Airbnb to help increase security, flexibility, and engagement to create a positive work culture.

How does Slack Benefit Culture?

Slack gives users the ability to create a real community through the use of channels to encourage brainstorming, participation, and express creativity among your team. Furthermore, it integrates the use of apps through using ‘Assembly’. This feature helps increase positive work culture, allowing businesses to grow a sense of teamwork and a happy work environment.

By using built-in badges, rewards, and focusing on peer recognition Slack ultimately leads to positive work culture. It also displays a high level of accessibility among users and features that makes it surpass other platforms.

The little things really do make a big difference, especially in hybrid workplaces, and this is the case with Slack. 

Benefits of Using Slack

Slack is already a widely used platform, but many users seem to underestimate the uses of Slack. 

Save Time Searching

You can easily find information needed using more advanced search modifiers. These help narrow down searches while avoiding viewing information that is irrelevant. Furthermore, channels can be blacklisted from appearing in a search again and you can save channels or direct messages between your team, making it easier to find more important files and messages. This helps to increase productivity within a business which encourages positive work culture. 

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a popular application used by many businesses to organize appointments and meetings. Slack incorporates Google Calendar by automatically posting reminders before events start to individuals, groups, or channels. This helps keep track of any important events without wasting time, working more efficiently promoting further positive work culture, and organizes your team better.

Integration of Various Applications

Using Google Calendar is pretty awesome but what if you could incorporate Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and other useful apps. Slack does this exactly and even gives you a list of recommended important apps to include here in helping your company and team grow faster and more positively. 

Catching Up on Lost Time

People get busy outside of work and that’s fine but it can get annoying when you have to catch up on a group project. Slack helps limit this by showing you all the unread messages in a channel, giving you a list of everything you haven’t read. This is helpful in picking up from where you left off and getting back on track, keeping everyone at ease as no one is bringing the team down. This will undoubtedly help increase productivity and positive work culture.

Using Slackbot

Slackbot is your helpful AI friend that allows you to store any files that you want to save or search. This can also be used to share files among team members, creating vast accessibility among slack members, making it easier for you and your team to get organized. Slackbot acts just like a teammate in helping build that positive work culture.

How to Start Creating your own Positive Work Culture through Slack?

Slack is downloadable for your desktop or mobile phones and is easy to create an account. Joining a workspace is how you can start your own company’s shared hub, where your team members can communicate through channels. Joining an existing slack workspace is also possible either through an email invitation, knowing your workspace’s Slack URL, or if your company uses a single sign-on feature. Joining a workspace comes with a guide of how to process setting your account from making your full name to making a password with ease. 

Editing your own profile is also easy to do and can be adjusted to your preference to make slack work for you with more information here on how to edit your profile further. Once your profile is complete you can start using the channels, joining existing ones, and making new ones among your team members. If you’re still not convinced on the benefits of using Slack and how this helps increase positive work culture, watch this video in helping explain the differences between Slack and the popular used email platforms.

Is Slack safe to use?

Slack has met compliance requirements including FINRA, HIPAA, and FedRAMP, making it a data-protected platform. Furthermore, Slack uses fundamental industry-accepted practices and features like ‘Slack Enterprise Key Management’ giving you control of your own data, assuring you are protected at all times even under security threats. This helps reinforce that positive work culture with everyone able to trust the process of using Slack. For more information about the security behind Slack click here

Bottom Line – Give Slack a shot!

So what are you waiting for, try downloading Slack today as your company’s own channel-based messaging platform, in helping you and your team work more effectively in building a better positive work culture. It may work for your team and could be what you’re looking for as a source of communication. It’s secure, easy to use, and a fun way to show recognition among your employees and external customers.

Nothing is more important than building the relationship between you and your business to continue having that positive work culture.